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1. The navigation buttons don’t work

See note on Java here

2.The mouse pointer disappears between pictures

This appears to be a common problem in Internet Explorer version 8 - the mouse pointer disappears when not on a clickable link (although it does not adversely affect any working part of the site). We are still investigating this issue, but it does not happen in Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari. If we find a solution, it will be posted here.

3. I get a request to install or update the Flash Player.

This message will appear if your installation of Flash Player is missing, broken, or too old to work effectively with Flash galleries. We currently only use Flash galleries on the Home Page, but may conceivably extend that in the future. Please follow this link to install the latest (and secure) version of Adobe Flash Player:


4. I get a request to allow pop-ups.

The latest browsers all have the option to allow or disallow pop-ups during a surfing session. These are often used by advertisers or are requests for feedback, but there are none of these on this site. However, clicking on a picture in a Flash gallery may initiate a pop-up procedure, particularly in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, where pop-ups may be switched off by default. In any browser, by entering Tools/Options you can enable pop-ups temporarily.     

5. The site does not fit my monitor.

There is no single answer to this, as it is dependent upon many factors outside our control. However, Suffolkshots.com has been designed such that the viewer should not need to ‘scroll’ the site’s pages, either vertically or horizontally. Unless you are running at a very low resolution, you can safely ignore any scrollbar you may find on your screen - we have not placed any important data in the farthest corners of the site. Did you know you can use your mouse wheel in combination with the keyboard’s Ctrl key to alter the magnification of the screen image?   

6. Should I allow cookies?

See the FAQ for more details about cookies, but they are small, secure text files that are downloaded to your PC during your surfing session, usually as an aid to recognition when you next visit a particular site.  You can, therefore safely enable cookies in your browser, if only for the current session, but it’s also a good idea to disable ‘third party’ cookies if you are given the choice in your browser options.

7. The site has not been refreshed since my last visit.

We may not have added any pictures since your last visit! Alternatively, you may need to clear your browser cache. It’s always a good idea to limit the size of the browser cache to, say, 50Mb, and to empty it occasionally. This marginally speeds up performance and limits fragmentation of your hard drive.

8. The site is slow to load.

It’s heavily dependent upon images, of course, which will slow any site down. With a slow connection, you may see a small circular ‘loading’ symbol as pictures become available to your browser. We have drawn what we feel is the correct balance between the size and quality of the images and the speed with which they can be downloaded. With a broadband connection, most pages will load very quickly.  We have provided an alternative means of viewing the contents of the galleries in the shape of the Catalogues, which can be accessed from the Home page.  

9. I’ve received a picture from you, but the colours are slightly different to what I see on screen.

This is a tricky one, since prints and monitors use inherently different means of displaying images: prints use reflected light and monitors use transmitted light, like transparencies. In addition, computer monitors that are not designed for accurate repro or photographic work, or are not calibrated regularly, may gradually drift from the original set up. CRT screens are prone to a number of quality issues as they get older. In the real world, it’s rarely possible for a side-by-side comparison between a home or office screen and a benchmark monitor displaying the Adobe RGB (or higher) gamut that we use as a production benchmark. But since the materials we use for our prints and mounts have been selected for their longevity in terms of colour accuracy and reliability, we have to take equal care with our monitors. In addition, we use ICC profiling to control the accuracy of colour reproduction across the range of materials used.

Check the brightness and colour temperature (daylight, or 6500°) of your flat screen; you may find that the back-light is set too high, which will degrade both the contrast and colour density of the screen image.

10. Internet Explorer is blocking content and/or the Information Bar is missing.

If you are asked to install an ActiveX plug-in to view the site, please do so. However, we can’t go here into the reasons why the Information Bar in your Internet Explorer may be missing, but if you find you are unable to download the (safe) ActiveX component, you may be unable to view parts of the site. To resolve this issue, your best option would be to Google for ways of getting your Information Bar back and then try again.

11. Should I turn off Java?

No. Java is a necessary component for viewing this and many other sites, and is installed by default with most browsers. You have the option of disabling Java and Javascript in your browser’s Tools/Options, but doing so will, in this case, render many of the navigation buttons and the galleries inoperable. However, you will still be able to view the catalogue pages.  Latest: Firefox has discontinued the Java plug-in because of security issues. For more information and how to use it anyway, please go to : https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-allow-java-trusted-sites.   

12. In Internet Explorer 9 I can’t see the full address field.

If you are unable to see the page’s full URL in the address field when browsing in IE9, just right-click your mouse next to the ‘Add Tab’ option, and select ‘Show Tabs on Separate Row’.

13. Downloading pictures

All our images are copyrighted and digitally watermarked, and their use without our permission is prohibited. However at some point we hope to be able to make available on this site a download-able Adobe .pdf file that contains a catalogue of our material. Until then we would appeciate your Contacting us if you have a commercial use for any of our pictures.    


If you have a problem viewing parts of this site,  you will hopefully find a solution here: Ploughed field

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